Affiliate Partner

We’ve discovered two key principles that help make running a thrift store easier.

Gain the benefits of both by partnering with the SMCo Thrift team. Every affiliate partner can access monthly group coaching with the team to learn key thrift elements, can use software tools designed specifically for the thrift industry, and reference dozens of documents to help you Do Thrift Better.

Join Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Each month, we host a group coaching session to tackle a key thrift topics. The live Q&A sessions provide immediate feedback to your questions so you can implement any needed changes quickly to grow your thrift operations.

PickUpMyDonation + ThriftTrac + Conferences

SMCo Thrift has designed software to help your thrift operation grow. Each affiliate partner can use PickUpMyDonation in a single market and one module of ThriftTrac for a location. 

You will also receive $100 off each regular registration for all SMCo Thrift events, including the National Training Conference.

Access Relevant Thrift Documents

Access regularly-updated documents tailored to the thrift industry through the Partner Portal. These SMCo Thrift designed documents include our pricing guide, production/pull schedule calendars,  daily huddle sheets, signage, and general HR related forms.

Pricing and Sign Up

Want a quick quote, or ready to get started? Select your modules and your number of locations. Then you'll be able to discuss your quote with us or complete the sign up process by entering your billing information. We'll contact you to customize ThriftTrac to meet your specific needs and complete the on-boarding process.

Select your services:

Invite the SMCo Thrift team to help you in location scouting, initial store set up, training, and/or evaluation of existing operations.

Hear relevant information from the SMCo Thrift team every month to apply to your thrift operation. Receive relevant documents and discounts to help you Do Thrift Better.

Hear relevant information from the SMCo Thrift team every month with a time for live Q&A to help you immediately apply the concept to Do Thrift Better.

Engage with the SMCo Thrift team regularly in one-on-one scheduled calls to grow your thrift enterprise. Gain access to the full resources of SMCo Thrift, including ThriftTrac/OnTrac, PickUpMyDonation, its published content, and seats at each conference.

Leverage the information captured through ThriftTrac to send targeted e-mails to customers, donors, volunteers and community partners. Delegate distribution to the SMCo Thrift team so you can focus on running your thrift operation.

One-time/Setup Fee

Monthly Recurring Fee