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End of Day Reconciliation

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The End of Day Reconciliation process is three steps and begins on the point of sale.

Step 1: Close Terminal on the Point of Sale

At this point, you should login to

Step 2: Select Point of Sale > Drawers. On this screen you will see all of your pending drawers for the day.  In order to reconcile, you will need to select “edit” for each drawer and fill out the fields on the proceeding screen.  Once complete, select “Update Drawer” to save your edits.  Repeat this for all of your pending drawers.

*It is important that you input the actual amount on hand

Step 3:  Select Metrics > Retail.  On this screen you will want to select the button in the top right that says “New from POS”.  On this screen, select the date that you are reconciling.  Ensure that all of the drawers on the righthand side are listed as “reconciled”.  At this point, you may fill out the fields of the form (keep in mind that your credit card deposits will flow over automatically).  Once the form is complete, be sure to scroll to the bottom and press “Closeout Today” to save and complete your reconciliation process!


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