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PAX S300 is unresponsive to OnTrac command

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If your PAX S300 won’t respond to OnTrac’s command, you can validate their connection by following these steps:

  1. Capture the IP address from the PAX S300. Access the settings area by simultaneously pressing 1 and the blue F key, entering the passcode, then navigating the settings screens as follows:
    • Down arrow for “Communication”
    • Down arrow for “LAN parameters”
    • Select “LAN Type”
    • Select “IP Address”
    • Record the IP address
  2. Connect the PAX S300 to a specific iPad by specifying the IP address within OnTrac:
    • Open OnTrac and login using manager-level access code & PIN
    • Lock the terminal by selecting the “Lock” button.
    • Select the gears icon at the bottom left
    • Input manager-level access code and PIN
    • Input the IP address of the terminal identified in step 1


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