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Viewing Transactions on Credit Card Terminal

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This article shows you how to setup a manager passcode in order to view transactions on your FinTech/Bridge Pay credit card terminal. Please note both videos below (audio only) and their corresponding step-by-step directions. In order for this feature to be setup, you will need to delete and repush all credit card terminal apps via the Bridge Pay Admin Center.

Setting Up a Manager Passcode

This video and below step-by-step directions represent step 1 in viewing transactions on your credit card terminal. 

  • Click on Terminal Management.

  • Select terminal.

  • Click on Push Task.

  • Click on +Push App.

  • Select BroadPOS BridgePay P2PE.

  • Click on MISC.

  • Click on line under Manager Password.

  • Type pax9876@@.

  • Click on NEXT.

  • Click on ACTIVATE.

  • Select OK.

Looking Up a Transaction on the PAX Terminal

To complete the ability to view transactions on your FinTech/Bridge Pay PAX terminal, please watch this video and follow the corresponding step-by-step instructions.

  • Open the BridgePay app.

  • Tap all 4 corners of the screen.

  • Enter password (pax9876@@).

  • Click on History.

  • Scroll to find the transaction.


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