Employee Evaluations on a Schedule

A regular evaluation is essential to developing and keeping an employee. And as each employee grows, so does the success of the organization. Evaluations consider job performance as well as consider his or her fit within the culture of the organization. Using 90 Day and Annual Evaluations, management can communicate expectations and observations in a […]

Coaching Individual Employees for Needed Change

Retaining a great team is critical to the success of every thrift operation. Unfortunately, there are occasions when team members need to be corrected for not meeting the expectations set forth in the job description. Having a tool and well-defined process for critical feedback and effective instruction goes a long way to keeping the right […]

Do your employees know why they do what they do?

It’s easy to assume most of your employees would give a quick answer to this question. In fact, some of your employees might be offended by the question. But the reality is, if you asked 10 people this question, don’t be surprised if you hear 10 different answers. One employee may say you sell merchandise to […]