Saying “Thank You” to a Donor

We’ve been predicting a spike in donations for weeks. With Christmas now past, old items are replaced with the new gifts. And, if we’re lucky, those gently used “old items” come to your thrift store. It’s critical we don’t miss the chance to say “thank you” to each and every donor. A Christmas Tradition Along with the […]

Look Inside!

If you have spent any time with the team at SMCo Thrift – be it in person, reading a newsletter or blog, or watching a video – you know we are 110% focused on asking for donations when it comes to advertising and exterior signage. We invest our limited dollars to reach the donor since his […]

Marketing in Thrift Versus a Typical Retail Store

In a recent conversation with a thrift store operator, I was asked the question, ”So you channel all your marketing efforts toward donors?” My answer was a resounding, “Yes!” Conventional wisdom tells you to focus your marketing on the customer. Retailers want the customer to come to their store to buy the widget instead of going to another store […]