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Donations are the lifeblood to a thrift store operation. With ThriftTrac, track each donation and the generous donor who gave efficiently. Deliver an automated receipt for a quick and impactful follow up to increase donations. Plus capture information on churches, businesses, and other organizations connected to your donors.

Put your growing list of donors and their associated partners to work through additional outreach via e-mail, phone, or mail to increase giving to your organization. According to research conducted by Blackbaud, “median revenue for a multi-channel donor is nearly double that of an online-only donor and quadruple that of an offline-only donor.”

Capturing donor and customer interactions is important, but the process of transforming a donation into dollars is where profitability happens. ThriftTrac records key performance indicators for your processing, retail, transportation and wholesale teams. These metrics are then combined in a dashboard so you can visualize the effectiveness of your organization and then make informed decisions.

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