Stepping Up Your Donation Pickups

Donations are the lifeblood of your thrift operation. After all, you can only sell what you receive. Assuredly you will have donors bringing you donated items, but what about all the larger items in potential donors’ homes?   Providing a donation pickup service is a great way to grow your donation base. Furthermore, the average […]

Preparing for the Final Quarter

If you are like everybody else, you like to see higher sales. If that’s the case, the fourth quarter is for you! Across many different types of retail industries, including thrift, the fourth quarter tends to be the strongest sales quarter. In order to maximize this opportunity, you need to make sure your team and […]

Fall 2020 Conference FAQ

As we have all been impacted by the pandemic of COVID-19, the SMCo Thrift National Training Conference has as well. We have received many inquiries regarding our Fall 2020 Conference and hope to answer many of them here. If any of your questions aren’t addressed in the below FAQ, please contact the SMCo Thrift team […]

Defined Rhythms of Leadership

People are the biggest asset of your thrift operation. Your team members are the individuals who will engage with donors when they come to drop off their gently used donated items, welcome customers when they come to shop your store, and host volunteers for an impactful experience. Your employees touch every aspect of your business, […]

Setting & Tracking Goals

Each year many people go through the process of establishing New Year’s resolutions. Similarly each year your business needs to be intentional about setting goals for the year. These goals can encompass many different areas of your thrift operation including marketing, customer service, human resources, volunteer engagement, etc. Inevitably in a business the highest priority […]