Fall 2020 Conference FAQ

As we have all been impacted by the pandemic of COVID-19, the SMCo Thrift National Training Conference has as well. We have received many inquiries regarding our Fall 2020 Conference and hope to answer many of them here.

If any of your questions aren’t addressed in the below FAQ, please contact the SMCo Thrift team for an answer.


Fall 2020 Conference FAQ


  • What is the difference between the virtual and in-person attendee options?

The SMCo Thrift National Training Conference has always been an in-person event. Our in-person conference is three days long, which includes a site visit to stores in our Knoxville market. In-person attendees also receive the benefits of having direct access to other attendees, on-site vendors, and the SMCo Thrift team.

While this is the first time we have had a virtual attendee option, it promises to be a quality experience. The virtual conference will be two days full of content and will include a scheduled post-conference Zoom follow up call with the SMCo Thrift team.

  • Why is there a price difference between the in-person attendee option and the virtual site license?

Our in-person attendee price reflects the conference cost of one individual person. Of course when attending conferences, there are other costs incurred such as air travel, lodging, food, transportation, etc.

Our virtual site license encourages thrift teams to gather together to listen to the conference content. The desired benefit is for the team to be on the same page following the conference in order to execute any identified opportunities for improvement.

  • Will there be a recording of the conference made available?

While we are providing a virtual option, there will be no recordings made of the conference. All attendees, virtual and in-person, will have access to the conference slides and prepared materials.

  • Will in-person attendees be required to wear a mask?

In accordance with Knox County and City of Knoxville requirements, masks will be required to enter the building. Temperatures will be checked at the door prior to entering the convention center out of respect for everyone’s safety.

  • Do you have recommended hotel accommodations?

The conference webpage has information about getting discounted hotel rates at the wonderful, conveniently located Hilton Knoxville.

It also includes a link for recommendations of places to eat during your stay in Knoxville.

  • How does the content differ from conference to conference?

Some of our content remains the same as we provide an overview into key principles and operations into running an effective thrift business. The SMCo Thrift team combines this evergreen content with content that is always changing.

We are looking forward to bringing you a lot of new content for the Fall 2020 Conference based on opportunities and changes that have been made present during COVID-19.

Finally, each conference is different based on the interaction and questions with attendees. We strive to ensure each participant receives answers to help their thrift operation Do Thrift Better.

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