User Manual

A full step by step process of how to log-in, set up, and start using our OnTrac POS.

ThriftTrac User Permissions

Permissions are granted at the User level so every individual in your organization is equipped with the right tools for their unique job. Admin and employee users must be assigned to a location to access data associated with the specific location. How to Setup a User In order to setup a ThriftTrac user, first login […]

Cash drawer won’t open

If your cash drawer won’t open, here are several troubleshooting practices before contacting your support team. -Confirm the drawer is unlocked. -Restart the OnTrac app by double-tapping the home button then swiping up on the OnTrac app. -Confirm internet connectivity.  Go to Settings > WiFi, then verify or establish connection to your network. -Hard-reset the […]

PAX S300 is unresponsive to OnTrac command

If your PAX S300 won’t respond to OnTrac’s command, you can validate their connection by following these steps: Capture the IP address from the PAX S300. Access the settings area by simultaneously pressing 1 and the blue F key, entering the passcode, then navigating the settings screens as follows: Down arrow for “Communication” Down arrow […]

Importing Targets in ThriftTrac

(Administrators now have the ability to add targets within ThriftTrac. To do so, go to Administration Tools > Targets. In the upper right corner, select “Import”. Select “Choose File” and then browse to the relevant CSV file containing targets. Lastly, select “Create Import” to initiative the import. Creating the Import file You may download an […]