Recap of the Spring 2019 SMCo Thrift National Training Conference

Attendees of the Spring 2019 SMCo Thrift National Training Conference came from far and near. They represented more than 40 different organizations and varying amounts of experience in thrift – from contemplating the launch of a thrift enterprise to seasoned professionals managing multiple stores. The packed room was filled not only with people but lots and lots of energy.

After consuming an overwhelming amount of content over three days, the biggest takeaways noted by attendees focused on ideas shared on Day 1 – Donations, Sorting & Pricing, and Managing with Metrics. These three topics play a critical role in answering the question, “Why does your thrift store exist?”

The sellout crowd did not just sit either but brought their questions too. Meeting other people “who spoke the same language” and engaging with the speakers was consistently mentioned as one of the most enjoyable aspects of the event.

It was small enough to have great interaction and have information clarified.

I enjoyed the practical tips and availability of leaders to engage in conversation.

I left actually looking forward to change instead of dreading it.

We’re already looking forward to the next event later this year. The Fall 2019 SMCo Thrift National Training Conference is already on the schedule for September 23rd to 25th, 2019. You can register now to save your spot.

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