Luck Favors the Prepared

More than a century ago, Louis Pasteur said “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Still today, the prepared reap an abundance of luck in their favor. Recently, thrift stores across the country have seen a swell of donations, thanks in part to the new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.   Netflix has people (serenely) […]

Preparing for the Rush of Donations (Part 2 of 2)

Previously, a plan was identified to collect relevant information on donations and then analyze that data to identify trends. With this information in hand, we’re ready to implement some strategies and tactics so we can be prepared for the rush of donations. Be Proactive Here are suggestions to handle an influx of donations. Have extra supplies and receptacles […]

Preparing for the Rush of Donations (Part 1 of 2)

Anticipate the Rush Help! I’ve got too many donations coming too quickly! Have you heard these cries from your team? Of all the challenges facing a thrift operation, an overwhelming rush of donations is the best one to have. But it isn’t stress free. Donations are the lifeblood of every thrift store. Without them you don’t exist. The […]

The Lifetime Value of a Donor (3 of 3)

In Receiving a Donation, we make the case for why receiving a donation well is vitally important. In Creating a Great Donation Experience, we share how you can begin putting all the pieces together for your thrift operation. Now, we want to discuss the payoff, the lifetime value of a donor. Calculating the Value The value […]

Creating a Great Donation Experience (2 of 3)

In Receiving a Donation, we mentioned three components needed in a great donation experience. A Clean and Uncluttered Receiving Area One of the biggest challenges in thrift is to keep the back door free of clutter. The higher the donation volume, the bigger the challenge. In part 1 of the video series, 3 Steps to […]

Receiving a Donation (1 of 3)

Receiving a donation at a typical thrift store is a benign transaction, at best. The donor drives up and drops off their stuff. He or she is thanked (maybe) and a receipt offered as the donor drives away. Often times, we never learn the donor’s name. This event takes place hundreds of times across thousands […]

Tracking Each and Every Donation

When does a relationship really begin with a donor? When they first hear about your organization or see an ad in the community? As soon as he or she arrives at your location? When a conversation is shared with the donor? I would argue that a relationship doesn’t truly begin until after the donor leaves […]

Transportation Unloaded (2 of 2)

Your transportation department could be the greatest untapped opportunity for your thrift operation. So, how do we maximize it to support your non-profit? Focus on Timing In evaluating the current state of a transportation operation, two questions need to be asked. What is your pick up request volume? How far out is your promised pick up time? Both […]

Transportation Unloaded (1 of 2)

As in all aspects of the thrift store operation, there are critical questions to be addressed for your transportation department. Interestingly, there are three reasons management does not ask the questions of cost and efficiency. There is a major lack of control. The phone rings for a pick up whenever the donor chooses. The request comes […]

What Is The Donation Motivation?

Without a donation, there is nothing for a thrift operation to sell. And if there’s nothing to sell, there’s no way to provide dollars to your non-profit. So it stands to reason we want to appeal to a donor in every way possible, right? We recently discussed three key motivations in the decision for where […]