Staging Shows How An Item Will Look

Customers want to see how an item will look in their own home. Or see how an outfit will look on them. Creating visual displays, or staging, answers these questions for your customers. Arrange displays in such a way that people can identify and envision that sofa group in their own home, or wearing that beautiful red outfit to the company Christmas party. Staging helps customers create a point of reference and removes any questions or doubts they may have about the purchase.

Look for the blank space

When building your displays, ask yourself the question, “What space is not being utilized?

All of the retail space is valuable real estate. Focus on how to utilize the space available to maximize potential and profit. To start, look for the blank space.

  • Dining room table tops
  • End tables
  • Front display tables with only mannequins

For a dining room table, add table linens, a dish set, and a centerpiece to complete the look. Add other appropriate items to the setting to encourage customers to buy more because “it looks so good together”.

The same applies to mannequins. Put together a full outfit. Look for accessories to complete the look. Add a belt, purse, scarf, jacket, and shoes.

Make the most of the sales opportunity. Show the customer everything they need.

Place Product Strategically

When creating displays, product placement is an important consideration. Place smaller items at eye level. Position larger items on the bottom of the shelf. The result is two-fold.

  1. Showcase smaller items that could be easily overlooked
  2. Minimize risk of larger items falling from a top shelf on a customer.

Time is Money

Be mindful of the time invested in setting up displays. Your time is valuable and should be considered an investment which adds value to your displays. Work in 15 minute increments and consider the expected return for each display. Invest more in staging furniture and less in miscellaneous items.

Your efforts in staging help customers visualize your unique items in their homes. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide subtle hints and drive your sales higher.

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